Associazione Specializzata di Razza riconosciuta dall'Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana

Cascina Boschi - Volta Mantovana (Mantova)
1st of October 2016

Judge: Mrs Gillian Craven (UK)

The XXIII edition of the RRCI Clubshow will take place in Volta Mantovana on October, 1st and 2nd at the Cascina Boschi, Via de Boschi 20 (
The Clubshow valid for the Italian Championship TLC (CAC) will be held on Saturday, 1st October.
In the evening, as usual, it will take place at Cascina Boschi’s Restaurant the social dinner (reservations are required and mandatory through Segreteria RRCI).
Sunday morning will be dedicated to social activities and leisure.
An RRCI club member, Mrs Silvia Recchi, President of GSC-CUD, will show an illustrative trial of Test CAE1, and Dr. Andrea Jachetti, veterinary surgeon, head of the surgery department at the Ospedale San Francesco in Milan, specialized in orthopedics and traumatology, will held a seminar on orthopedic diseases in RR.
Updates and further informations concerning the program will be hereby published.

Entry form (PDF)

Note: in accordance with the rules of the Italian Kennel Club, doping controls may be carried on dogs entered in the Show.

Some notice about Italian Club Show Judging Rules: the CAC Certificate

Please mind that in accordance with the Italian Club Show Judging Rules the CAC Certificate will be desputed only between the Open and Intermediate Classes and it is not awarded in Champion Class.
The 1st dog and the 1st bitch of Open and Intermediate Class competes for the CAC; and CAC RES will be given between the dog and the bitch that have not obtained the CAC and the second of the class where is the dog and the bitch that has obtained the CAC.
The Best of Breed is contested among the classes: Champion Open, Intermediate, Young, Veteran. Best Male and Best Female will be chosen from the winners of each of these classes.

Doping controls

Please mind: In accordance with the rules of Italian KC, doping controls may be carried on dogs entered in the Show.

Advice for the smooth running of the Club Show

Please be there on time. When going in, please report to the secretary desk: here you will receive your number and catalogue (pin your number on your clothes in a place where people can see it).
Please watch your dogs: they must be on leash! Often dogs can act differently than normal in a crowded space full of people and other dogs. Keep this in mind and keep an "extra-eye" on your dog! Make sure he is on a short leash, keep your dog close to you and don’t give the dog the chance to stare at another dog. This fixating each other, will often lead to quarrels. Prevent this by making sure you’ve got your dog’s attention or by putting your dog in your kennel. The dogs that fall out, attack or bite another dogs or person will not be tolerated. There will be no admittance for dogs without a rabies certificate.
During the judging, don’t stand too close at the side of the rings with your dogs when other people are showing. This can cause great distress in the ring. To prevent this, put your dog in a kennel or leave him with someone else, if you want to take a closer look at the rings. Thank you for your help: this way it will be a relaxed, enjoyable day for everyone! The area close to the ring are not covered. So in case of rain or sun is best to have adequate cover (gazebo etc.).


RRCI Clubshow statistics (PDF file).


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