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JME project (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy)


We would like to inform you that, based upon recent findings, a severe neurologic syndrome with hereditary transmission that can affect Rhodesian Ridgebacks, have been diagnosed. Therefore, we very much hope and we do encourage each of you to cooperate as described below, in order to counter the spread of this serious emerging disease.
We are talking about JME or "Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy", a pathology on which a genetic study is underway, led by the Finnish RR Club and to which the most important RR Clubs all around the world have joined with the aim of raising awareness among Rhodesian Ridgebacks’ breeders and owners so as to carry out the test to verify the presence of the recessive gene.
The Italian RR Club, together with other main RR Clubs all around the world, is working to deepen this study through data collection.
The test consists in a blood sampling that must be sent to one of the officially accredited laboratories, which can check whether the subject is clean (clean NN), carrier (carrier Nn) or affected (nn).
The test’s result shall be sent to the Italian Club - RRCI - at the following email address:
The data will be constantly updated and are available on both the RRCI website and FB page. The project manager, responsible for collecting and publishing the data, is Mr. Gianmaria Castorina.
The data will be published on both the RRCI official website and FB page and will be used and shared for medical, research and statistical purposes.
Taking part in this study is of utter importance as it will allow to monitor the actual state of health of the breed in relation to this serious pathology. The data collected so far are alarming. After only 12 months since the test has become available, the 1% of the tested subjects have been found affected by the only “Laboklin” lab. Furthermore the JME, in the most serious cases, can be drug resistant
In Italy there is a litter with 33% of the puppies that have been found affected. The danger, therefore, is real and existent also in our country. The only way to avoid the spread of this disease is to know it, face it and declare it by publishing the test’s results. In the light of the above and with the aim of supporting and divulging this important project for the health protection, the Italian RR Club is committed to promote among RR’s breeders and owners the campaign in favour of the test and of the publishing of its results.
The foregoing in order to protect not only the wellbeing of individuals but also to preserve the breed’s future through selection choices that are always clear and informed.

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More info About jme test and further medical questions:
Dott.ssa Cristina Di Palma -
About collecting and publishing the data:
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